The Advantages of Square and Triangular Commercial Shade Sails

Commercial shade sails are made from a flexible fabric that is stretched to provide a shade. In addition to shade canopies and umbrellas, sails are one of the most innovative and attractive ways to shade your space.

Not only are shade sails extremely functional but they are also a popular choice for many because of their amazing versatility and limitless design capabilities.

To better illustrate why shade sails are the choice of many, here are 5 benefits to installing square or triangular shade sails offer:

Shape –These structures are often square, rectangular or triangular in shape. Depending on the effect that you want, each shape will provide a different look or feel.

Position – They are incredibly functional because their anchor points can be adjusted. Not only does this create a dramatic visual effect but it can also allow you to position the shade so that it blocks the sun at the angle you want.

Overlap – Sails can be overlapped in different arrangements, heights, and combinations to provide a beautiful visual effect.

Color – Commercial shade sails also come in a number of colors, allowing you to explore numerous design possibilities that involve colors.

Material – The shade sail fabric we use for all our shade structures is Alnet Extrablock. We select this fabric because of its knitted construction that allows for equal elongation and lower profile. It also has incredible fire resistant properties. You can read more about Alnet Extrablock fabric here.

Custom Canopies is the leading manufacturer of quality canopies, sails, and umbrellas for commercial needs. We are dedicated to making durable and quality shade structures for a range of commercial uses.

Our shade sails can be engineered to comply with any city codes within the USA and can be shipped to anywhere in the United States.

To learn more about our square or triangular shade sails, contact us today.

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  1. I like that you said that shade sails can be overlapped as a design to create a beautiful visual effect to passerby. My husband and I plan to have a commercial complex constructed soon, and I want the place to have an outdoor area with canvas canopies. When that happens, I’ll definitely look into overlapping the canopies so it would look unique and visually appealing.

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