How Athletes and Sports Facilities Can Benefit From Shade Structures

Sports facilities can benefit greatly from having shade structures, especially if they host outdoor sports such as football, baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis, soccer and lacrosse. Not only can custom shade canopies provide both athletes and spectators protection from the sun, but it can also help keep them cool and comfortable.

Here are 7 ways sports facilities can benefit from shade canopies:

Training – Serious athletes train nearly every day, for hours at a time. Whether they are trying to build up endurance, increase their strength or improve their agility, shade canopies provide athletes with the sun and heat protection they need to train harder and longer. 

Dugouts – During a baseball game, it’s important that team players sitting on the bench aren’t in direct sunlight. Shade structures can keep these players cool and comfortable until it is their turn to hit a homerun.

Court – Not only can shade structures provide shade, but it can also keep playing conditions cool and optimal for athletes. Both asphalt and concrete courts can absorb a considerable amount of heat, therefore worsening the playing conditions for athletes playing basketball or tennis.

Pool Shelter – Custom canopies can help protect swimmers from the dangerous rays of the sun. Whether through sails, umbrellas or canopies, shade structures are an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for sun and heat protection.

Driving Range – Shade structures can also improve the atmosphere and comfort of driving ranges. This allows gold players to feel more comfortable and at ease as they practice their techniques.     

Bleachers – Another way that sports facilities can benefit from shade structures is through providing a cool, comfortable place for spectators to watch athletes play. Shade structures can be custom built to fit over existing bleachers to improve the look and feel of them.

Concessions – Sports facilities can also benefit from added revenue through shaded concession stands/areas. Not only will shade canopies help increase the attractiveness of concession areas but it will also provide a comfortable place for people to enjoy their snacks or drinks.

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