Why Our Shade Structures Stand Up to Extreme Weather

Whether you’ve spotted them at the local playground or sitting outside at your favorite restaurant, shade structures are a popular and aesthetic option that provides protection and comfort to people everywhere. At Custom Canopies, Inc., we are dedicated to creating quality shade canopies, sails and umbrellas for commercial needs.

Besides utilizing cutting-edge technology and engineer-made materials, our shade structures are also specially created by industry leading designers and engineers experienced with meeting strict architect and government standards. These 3 reasons contribute to why our shade structures are long lasting and can stand up to extreme weather:

No Moving Parts. Our shade canopies are permanent structures and are made without moving parts. For this reason, our structures don’t have issues with jamming or breaking. The lack of moving parts also contributes to minimal maintenance as well, making it easy for our customers to keep their shade structures in tip top shape.

High-Quality Shade Cloth. Our shade canopies use only high-quality shade fabrics from Alnet. Designed for strength and durability, Alnet’s Extrablock fabric meets all the highest standards and is knitted to be dimensionally stable for easy fabrication. We also use Alnet fabrics because they are back by a 10-year warranty and can come in a range of California Fire Marshall approved colors. 

Steel Frames. Our shade structures are made with powder coated steel frames. We use steel frames because it is durable and flexible, resulting in a far more resilient structure. We powder coat our steel frames to increase durability as well as resistance to corrosion and chipping.

Custom Canopies is the leading manufacturer of quality shade canopies, sails, and umbrellas for commercial needs.

We are dedicated to making durable and quality shade canopies, sails, and umbrellas with cutting edge technology and engineer-made materials. We ship anywhere in the United States.

To learn more about our shade structures and our custom-engineered powder coated frames, contact us today.