How to Install a Playground Shade Structure – A Guide for Architects

INDEX INTRODUCTION NECESSITY FOR SHADE STRUCTURES Increased time and facility usage Protection of outdoor equipment Aesthetics Financial incentives Compliance with accreditation standards UV protection Injury protection DESIGNING CUSTOM SHADE FOR AN UNDEVELOPED SITE DESIGNING CUSTOM SHADE FOR A DEVELOPED SITE PLACES THAT REQUIRE SHADE STRUCTURES  TYPES OF SHADE STRUCTURES Shade sails T-bar canopies Hexagonal canopies Umbrellas Cantilever shade structures Hip roof canopies Custom designed… Read More


How to get a DSA approved canopy installed in California

Table of Contents: What is a DSA approved canopy? Who needs A DSA approved canopy? DSA Jurisdiction What is the process to get a DSA approved canopy installed? Benefits of a DSA approved canopy? Final thoughts from Custom Canopies   1. What is a DSA approved Canopy? Division of State Architect (DSA) “provides design and construction oversight for K-12 schools, community colleges, and various… Read More