Why Powder Coating Steel is Better Than Liquid Painted Steel

What is Powder Coat?

Powder coating is a safe, dry finishing process that uses finely ground particles of pigment and resin to create a protective finish. We choose to powder coat our steel frames because it is low in toxicity and has low flammability.

How Does Powder Coat Work?

To create magnetic attraction, the finely ground particles of pigment and resin are charged with static electricity and then sprayed onto steel that is electrically grounded. The powder coating is then evenly melted and cooled into a thin, durable film.

What are the Benefits?

Here are 7 reasons why we powder coat the steel frames for our shade structures:

Durability. Powder coating adds to the steel’s durability, helping the frame to withstand damages better and last longer. 

Corrosion Resistant. Moisture and humidity can cause metal frames to rust. When applied to steel, powder coating provides a protective barrier that helps prevent corrosion.

Chip Resistant. Unlike other treatments that can easily crack, peel, chip, scratch and corrode, powder coated steel frames are more durable and can withstand the environment better.

No Maintenance. Because of its durability and resistance to abrasion and corrosion, powder coated steel require little to no maintenance.

Long Lasting Finish and Colors. Powder coating provides a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Because of this, colors stay brighter and vibrant longer than other methods.

Environmentally Safe. The powder coating process has little impact on the environment. It requires no harmful solvents and does not emit vapors or fumes like liquid paint does.

10 Year Pro-Rated Warranty. We stand by our engineer designed, powder coated steel frame by offering a 10-year pro-rated warranty.

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To learn more about our shade structures and our custom-engineered powder coated frames, contact us today.

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