Why Shade Structures Are Utilized Everywhere

Shade canopies or shade sails are a popular choice for many commercial businesses and organizations for numerous reasons. Not only they can help increase property value, increase safety and provide weather protection, but they can also help people, animals and plants stay cool, comfortable and happy. Just take a look at these 10 unexpected industries that utilize shade structures:

  1. Zoos— Not only can canopies and sails offer shade relief to visitors, but they can also be used to keep animals and plants protected from the sun and rain.
  2. Resorts— Shade structures can also offer sun protection for resort and hotel swimming pools, lounge areas, patios, outdoor bars, daybeds and hammocks (just to name a few.)
  3. Ranch— Many people don’t think of ranches as a place that may benefit from shade canopies, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter where they’re located and what kind of animals they breed, ranches can find tons of advantages from installing shade structures.
  4. Theme Parks— With thousands (and sometimes even millions) of visitors every year, it is wise for theme parks to incorporate shade sails to keep visitors and young children cool.  
  5. Farms— Agricultural farms can benefit from installing shade structures that keep their crops from overheating during dry seasons or over-watering during wet seasons. 
  6. Water Parks— Just like theme parks, water parks also garner hundreds of visitors every year and often benefit from providing shade and sun relief.
  7. Shopping Centers— Shade sails can help keep customers happy, comfortable and incentivized to spend at shopping centers.
  8. Universities and Colleges— Not only can shade structures offer weather protection for students and teachers, but it can also increase safety at night when lights are hung from the structures.
  9. Military Bases— Shade structures can provide protection for military tanks and ground vehicles, military aircrafts and outdoor work areas.
  10. National Parks— National parks are another example of an unexpected place to find shade structures. With thousands of visitors every year, national parks can benefit from providing visitors with a cool place to relax and eat as they visit the country’s most beloved parks.

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