How Sports Can Benefit From Shade Structures

How Athletes and Sports Facilities Can Benefit From Shade Structures Sports facilities can benefit greatly from having shade structures, especially if they host outdoor sports such as football, baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis,…


Multi Center Post Umbrellas in Arizona

Commercial Umbrellas and Curb Appeal Multi Center-Post Umbrellas can offer more than functionality. In this project in Arizona, you can see how the building’s curb appeal was enhanced by the umbrellas. Custom…


Why We Use Alnet Extrablock Shadecloth

Why the Right Shade Fabric is important to Your Shade Structure For the people who know us and who have worked with us, it’s no surprise why we are a leading manufacturer…


How to Choose the Right Shade Structure

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting a Shade Structure Shade structures are an ideal solution for sun and rain protection, equipment protection, customer comfort, and a need to add an aesthetic…


Shade Sails and Cantilever in California

Custom Shade Sails and Cantilever Umbrella It’s amazing how well-planned custom shade canopies can transform outside spaces. Here are some pictures from a project in Simi Valley, California that included both custom shade…


Canopies for Architectural Decoration

Why Shades Structures are not Only Used to Protect Against the Sun People often think of shade canopies as functional structures intended only for the protection, comfort and safety of people. While…


How Canopies Withstand Bad Weather

Why Our Shade Structures Stand Up to Extreme Weather Whether you’ve spotted them at the local playground or sitting outside at your favorite restaurant, shade structures are a popular and aesthetic option…


Cantilever Canopy and Sails in Boca Raton

Cantilever Shade Canopy and Custom Shade Sails Check out this Cantilever Canopy and Shade Sail project in Boca Raton, Florida. We’ve been creating shade structures for recreation areas, parking lots, and other applications…


Shade for Ventura County Animal Services

The Importance of Providing Sun Protection to Dogs When we heard that the Ventura County Animal Services needed a way to provide a cool and comfortable place for dogs, volunteers and staff…

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